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tv   U.S. Senate Senators Reaction to Stimulus Vote  CSPAN  March 23, 2020 11:54am-12:00pm EDT

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track the spread throughout the world with interactive maps and charts, watch readings and hearings with public health specialists anytime unfiltered at >> the u.s. senate will be back at noon eastern after failing to advance a third coronavirus aid bill yesterday with negotiations continuing today, we expect to see votes this afternoon on the bill to live coverage is here on c-span2 and the coronavirus task force headed by vice president pence will head a news briefing at 5:30 eastern on c-span and a responder you can watchall of our programs online at or listen with the free c-span radio app . more of yesterday's senate debateon the coronavirus relief dabill . >> mister president, we don't have the luxury of time here and i think we all know that. certainly american peopleknow it , they can see it just unfolding right in frontof them .
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we've got small businesses that areshutting down which of course affects the people who work there . we've got healthcare systems, they have tremendous needs and obviously they are on the front lines of fighting the coronavirus. we continue to try and make progress on a peaceful legislation that really should have been proceeded to today. the vote earlier today was a procedural vote . basically are we going to get on the bill and what you saw was the democrats object to even getting on the bill. obviously as the leader pointed out once you are on the bill you have 30 hours if you choose to use it in which to continue to discuss and debate. and if there are things they are continuing to work on, only they could have that opportunity to do that but the vote today which you saw the democrats oppose was whether or not we were going to get on the bill. a bill that is desperately
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needed by our country right now and i would argue that the american people are looking to us for action. and frankly as i said, we don't have the luxury of time and the democratic leader got up earlier and said this is a partisan bill . and that's just false. that's just lastly untrue mister president. this has been negotiated for the past few days now between democrats and republicans. leader mcconnell appointed several task forces and kthe democratic leader appointed representatives from his side to serve on those taskforces. they've been negotiating elements of this bill now from the pastfew days and frankly what you see , the legislation in front of us reflects that work and there is a tremendous amount of i partisan content in this bill. the democrats had ample opportunities to make their case and to try and get thingsincluded that they said they wanted . and just to sort of highlight again when what the democrats
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said their priorities were in this legislation, phase 3 if you will, it was about workers. it was about small businesses, it was about unemployment insurance,they call it unemployment e insurance on steroids . it was about hospital and i have to say that i see in this piece of legislation all that area what they just voted to even donate includes all those elements area and in fact if you look at what this bill includes, if you're talking about inviting health to families and people who need it in this country, immediately, $1200 checks to individual taxpayers, $2400 to a couple to file jointly. and that runs through income levels all the way up if you're a single taxpayer, 75 thousand dollars paid out at $99,000 for couples filing jointly, hundred $50,000. phases out after that and 500 for each child.
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in this country area and that was something that was a priority for both sides, democrats wanted to have that in this legislation there were many republicans who did as well. it was something the president supported so this was a bipartisan priority that ended up in this legislation. it will bring immediate relief, get dollars back in the hands of american families to enable them to deal with their daily needs and has as best they can with thecrisis we have unfolding in front of us . and then you had of course our priority, a huge priority for the democrats which was the so-called ui on steroids, unemployment insurance program and i have to say, my colleague from ohio editor portman did a terrific job of laying out all the elements of this legislation but as he mentioned unemployment insurance was a big priority for the democrats area there is a big commitment to plotting up, topping off the unemployment accounts thatthe states maintain , $600 per
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week for 3 months into those unemployment accounts so if you're unemployed in this country ouand you go down to the unemployment office in your state what you would normally receive would be increased by $600 per week per person for three months. that was a huge priority for the democrats and one that republicans as well believe h was important so we have not only the checks going out immediately that will benefit families that we also have now on unemployment insurance program delivered through the state that will provide assistance to those who have lost jobs. and then of course he had another priority the democrats mentioned was they wanted to provide much needed assistance to small businesses and if you look at what's in this bill for small businesses, there is basically a loan program operated under the small business administration in
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which participating lenders and that could include community banks, unions as mentioned earlier where all businesses go to get loans, 100 percent guaranteed which is used pay payroll period is used keep their employees employed over this period would be forgiven atthe end . >> ..


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